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Confusion Empty Confusion

Message  humanoide10 le Jeu 8 Mar - 18:03

A chaotic movement in the mind
some rather stay blind
There is nothing to fulfill
Life is a winding road full with roses and skulls
testing you inside
Some places they hide
Hard life teachers
bully's and teasers
Chocks in the head
Doors that open whom where closed before
Mother nature is no how
Sickness and weakness
We create ourselves hidden in our shelf's
Laying and saying it's to late
They waiting in the shade
To take you, brake you
So you can come trough, so you can come trough
nowhere to run to

clean the closet
trow the jacket of self-pity away
don't be a hypocrite
this is just the a foreplay
Confusion makes mind-pollution
leave the past behind
shine lie a star
don't be a part of a future war

liberate yourself from the masks
if realness is what you ask
Your choice what you create
love and hate
in the end they are the same
and there is no one to blame

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